Pre-order Sale! New custom Pandora's Box 3D 18s Pro Wifi + 128 GB HD 10.000 Games! (available from 7 feb)

Over ons is a Dutch origin webshop specializing in the sale of custom Pandora's Box Arcade Consoles located in Amsterdam.

The company was founded to meet the increasing demand for quality gaming consoles in Europe. Companies from China are still the market leaders in the field of game consoles. However, the shipping times are often very long, the costs are very high and you often have bad quality material and no warranty on your purchases. We thought there must be another way. With we aim to provide for the European market a faster delivery and warranty services of the custom Pandora's Box Arcade Console - of course at the very best price. 


Our passionate team consists of a mix of marketers, suppliers and gaming professionals who aim to offer consumers the best gaming experience with high-quality equipment.


With our comprehensive services and excellent service, we offer customers the opportunity to enjoy (even more!) favorite games like Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and many more.

The benefits of
• All components of Pandora's Box Arcade Consoles are tested and of excellent quality
• Pandora's Box Arcade Consoles for the best price in Holland & Europe
• Huge discounts and exclusive price deals on our products
• You will be the first to know about the newest products and updates
• No shipping costs - free shipping with fast delivery time of 7-10 working days worldwide
• Safe and secure payment methods (iDeal, PayPal and Creditcard)
• Standard 1 year warranty on your purchases - with Dutch and English speaking customer service


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