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Custom Pandora's Box 3D Wifi + 128 GB Arcade Console HD 10.000 Games! Urban Mario

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2 years warranty


Delivery time

5-10 working days


Power-cable option



Pre-installed games 

10.000 games (300*3D + 9700*2D)


What is a Pandora's Box 3D?

Emulation uses certain computer software that allows a computer system-in this case, Pandora's Box-to simulate another operating system to run an application. With the 'search' function you can easily find and play thousands of pre-installed 2D/3D games. With the Pandora's Box 3D you are guaranteed to experience hours of fun - alone or with friends.


Pandora's Box 3D Wifi + 128 GB Arcade Console 10.000 Games - play with 4 players!

Latest Pandora's Box 3D Wifi + 128 GB HD with 10.000 (300*3D + 9700*2D) pre-installed games and 10.000+ 2D/3D games on the Game Market for free download. With search, category and recent function, you can easily find games you love. Pandora's Box 3D Wifi + 128 GB has an ARM Cortex-A12core 32-bit processor. With blazing-fast CPU chip, this console can run the 2D and 3D games smoothly, giving you the most real feeling just like playing the original games. More fun with 4 player features, add 2 extra controllers to play with your friends and family members. Tons of childhood memories! Add wired USB controllers or 2.4G wireless controllers and enjoy games without restrictions whenever and wherever you want.



With this console you can work with different screens. That can be done as follows. You can connect this console to a TV. Can connect to LED or LCD. You can also connect to a projector or an arcade screen. Can also be connected to all devices with a video display. There is the option to connect via VGA, HDMI, USB cables. You don't need to buy any other cords to connect the arcade console to all of these devices. This console comes with a VGA cable, which you can use to connect to your TV, LEC, LED, etc. Even if you don't want to connect with a VGA cable or if the LED does not have a VGA function but a HDMI flash, you can still use HDMI.



  • Preinstalled 10.000 games: with 300*3D + 9700*2D games. 10.000+ games in the game market support download: with a wifi connection, you can download the games directly from the built-in game market for free, both 3D and 2D games.
  • Multilingual: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  • User-friendly menu: quick search, emulator rating, game type rating, recently played, pause function, save function. 
  • Support for 2.4G wireless controllers: there are two usb ports. You can add two USB gamepads to enjoy 4-player games with family or friends. Console is compatible with known and unknown brands of controllers, we recommend 100% compatible with original Xbox 360 wired controller.
  • Multi-system emulators with FC, SFC, GBA, GBC, MD, PCE, WSC, N64, PS, FBA, MAME, PPSPP and DC etc.
  • Many more functions are available: save game progress, burst function, scanline, HD display mode.
  • Gameplay quality: HD 1280 * 720P / 1024 * 768P / 640 * 480P / more. 
  • Suitable for the following: LCD, LED, TV, Computer, Laptop, Desktop, Arcade machines. This arcade can be easily connected to all these devices.
  • Motherboard: Console has a PSA motherboard, with a CPU chip of ARM Cortex-A12core 32-bit processor. With blazing fast CPU chip, this console can run the 2D and 3D games smoothly, giving you the most real feeling, just like playing the original games! The Cortex-A12 is a successor to the Cortex-A9, 40 percent more powerful than the Cortex-A9 core. 
  • Joystick & push buttons: The joystick and push buttons are continuously tested during the production process and are of excellent quality. With normal use, they will last for years!
  • Sizes console: W 76 cm x H 11 cm x D 22 cm 
  • Weight: The weight of this arcade is 3000 gram
  • Made of metal: This arcade has a cool design and sturdy metal shape.
  • Rubber feet: There are also rubber feet under this console, so it won't slide around. 
  • Acrylic top: The top part of the arcade console is made of very durable acrylic. This is very strong and durable. 
  • Skin: Console aqryl top piece has custom design Urban Mario patern high quality scratch and wear resistant vinly decal. 


Features of Pandora's Box 3D Wifi + 128 GB 

  • On/Off button: This button is used to turn the arcade on or off or turn LED on or off.
  • HDMI: You can use this connector to connect a TV or other screen.
  • VGA HUB: This allows you to connect the PC screen to the computer, the arcade.
  • USB: You can use this connector to connect a laptop or computer, etc. More controllers can be used in USB ports. This console can play four Multiplayers at the same time.
  • Audio: with 3.5 mm or jack port so you can connect your external speakers.
  • Volume control: when you need to increase or decrease the volume of your speakers.
  • CFG button: CFG is mainly used to configure the game. You can press the CFG button at any time to adjust the settings. You can play the hardest levels of the game with it. And you can customize other options with it.
  • Buttons: If you want to change one of the buttons, you can see the buttons on the other side. You can replace these buttons at any time, or fix any problem.
  • Speaker: This console also has a speaker. And in addition, you can also connect other speakers.
  • LED strip: Besides the motherboard, you also have an LED light that spreads nice light in the console while playing. 


Package included:
1x Arcade Game Console
1x Power adapter & cable
1x VGA Cable 
1x USB Cable 
1x HDMI Cable 
1x Manual
2x Spare buttons


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