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Am I entitled to a warranty?

Yes, of course! We offer a 1 year warranty on the hardware and a 6 month warranty on the joystick and push buttons under normal use. The joystick and push buttons are continuously tested during the production process and are of excellent quality. With normal use, they will last for years. Do you have any questions or are you experiencing problems? Please contact our customer service.


When am I not entitled to a warranty?

  • If the item is worn out due to normal use.
  • If the item is used for business purposes, this may affect the warranty. 
  • If the item has been used incorrectly and as a result has fall, impact, overheating or water damage.


Ordering from China webshop? We do not recommend it for the following reasons: 

  • Please note that the item is undelivered, is defective or damaged on arrival, does not contain a warranty on purchase or provides poor service on warranty. 
  • The high shipping and return costs are always at your own expense and with returns you will certainly lose the item for a number of months.
  • They are not original electronics parts, push buttons and joysticks that will last for years or products that do not have HD quality specifications (despite this being stated in the product description.) 
  • Take into account no warranty, unreliable web shops, long delivery times, high shipping and return costs and high import duties or VAT costs.


Do you have any other questions?

Feel free to contact us through contact page.